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Latest News

For latest news about what is happening in Brentwood Trampoline Club check out our Newsline, Facebook page or Twitter.  These pages allow us to speedily update you on what matters in the club.  Some, of course, will be issued as Press Releases as well and these are recorded here.

What's new in the latest web update?

25th June 2012

Updated Jack Petchey page with Junior Jumpers and recent winners,

20th February 2012

Added Bath Gala results and updated competitors personal best scores.   Have previously also added press cuttings to results from past few competitions.

30th January 2012

Added Hatfield Gala results and updated competitors personal best scores.

27th January 2012

Added Brentwood Grading & Shrewsbury Zonal schools results, updated competitors personal best scores.

7th December 2011

Added results of Regional Schools and updated Jack Petchey page with recent winners.

7th November 2011

Added Press Release about 12th Annual Brentwood Open.

2nd November 2011

Added copy of published press reports following Easton grading.

1st November 2011

Updated Jack Petchey page with list of eligible members, added results of the 12th Brentwood Open and updated members' personal best scores.

31st October 2011

Updated competition dates for 2012.

29th October 2011

Added pictures of published articles following press release.

21st October 2011

Added competition report for Easton grading & updated competitors personal best scores.

11th October 2011

Updated leotards page with new photo showing new boys leotard & club clothing including new tracksuit design.

5th September 2011

Added September 2011 Newsletter to download in Adobe Acrobat format.

26th July 2011

Updated recent press report with copies of published articles, added new press report following great results at Nationals, updated Chrissie's PBs and added in competition report.

15th July 2011

Added Press Report about National Finalists 2011.

26th June 2011

Updated Pay-as-you-Go page, aded new press release.

19th June 2011

Added results of South Shields Gala and updated Personal Best scores; also updated Jack Petchey winners.

23rd May 2011

Finished updates related to Brentwood Grading including members' personal best scores and press report.  Also results of Easton Open.

16th May 2011

Updated competition results for Brentwood Grading.

11th May 2011

Updated Jack Petchey page with January to May winners.

21st April 2011

Updated competition organisation page to reflect one-touch warm up and committee pages. 

13th March 2011

Added results for Saffron Walden grading and updating members' Personal Best Scores & grades

4th March 2011

Added results for Gillingham Gala  and updating members' Personal Best Scores

20th January 2011

Adding results for Hitchin grading and updating members' Personal Best Scores & grades (still to come - zonal schools and some pictures).

7th January 2011

Archiving competition details for 2010 and updating this years planner.

1st January 2011

Updating competition routines with new rule about Regional G voluntary.

21st December 2010

Added new Press Release announcing arrival of new bed & springs.

13th December 2010

Updated eligible Jack Petchey candidates for January and added link to a Pathe Newsreel on our History page from 1950 showing Ted Blake teaching trampolining on a home made trampoline.

20th November 2010

Uploaded Annual Report for Annual General Meeting on 3rd December.

5th November 20105

Updated Roll of Honour for 2010

31st October 2010

Added Press Report covering recent competition successes.

20th October 2010

Added results of Easton Grading, also updated members personal best scores and qualifying scores.

4th October 2010

Added results of Brentwood Open.

1st September 2010

Updated session times, fees, Jack Petchey nominations process and Competition entry form.

26th August 2010

Updated a number of competition results and added comp dates for next year, also updated members personal best scores and qualifying scores.

7th June 2010

Added report on Ipswich Grading, updated members personal best scores and corrected error in comp routines.

24th March 2010

Added report on Schools National Finals and also competitors Personal Best scores following Saffron Walden grading.

18th March 2010

Added report of Hull gala weekend.

19th February 2010

Updated competition structure including qualification scores for 2010.

12th February 2010

Added new Press Release.

8th February 2010

Added results for Gloucester Gala and updated competitors Personal Best scores

26th January 2010

Added results for Brentwood Grading and updated competitors Personal Best scores

5th December 2009

Added news report and slide show following Annual Awards evening

29th November 2009

Added Annual Report and Minutes of prior AGM.

27th October 2009

Updated Jack Petchey and Roll of Honour pages.

13th October 2009

Added results for Easton Grading in Norwich and updated competitors Personal Best scores.

28th September 2009

Added results for 10th Brentwood Open and updated competitors Personal Best scores.

20th September 2009

Added timetable and start-lists for 10th Brentwood Open on 27th September.

10th September 2009

Updated contacts and pricing for leotards.

27th August 2009

Added report of National Finals.

3rd August 2009

Updated Roll of Honour and members' personal best scores.

16th July 2009

Updated with latest Press Releases in respect of safety and Georgia's Teenage Cancer Appeal results.

18th June 2009

Added latest Jack Petchey winners, updated safety section in respect of garden trampolines.

16th June 2009

Added results of Pegasus Open and updated members personal best scores.

1st June 2009

Updated 2009 Roll of Honour.

31st May 2009

Added Brentwood Grading results, updated members personal best scores.

11th May 2009

Added 2009 Roll of Honour, completed 2008 Roll of Honour and updated Jack Petchey winners' page.

28th April 2009

Added results of Cardiff Gala weekend.

22nd April 2009

Update to competition structure and comp routines pages to bring in line with the 2009 competition handbook.

21st April 2009

Addition of a downloadable competition entry form for regional and open competitions on the competitions page.

19th April 2009

Added results from the GTCA Open and updated personal best scores.

18th April 2009

Launch of this, our 3rd generation website.  All content should now be accessible in around two clicks by first selecting from the drop-down menu and than selecting a detail content page from there.

3rd December 2008

Consolidated a number of updates including to history and press.

16th October 2008

Added competition results for Ipswich & Brentwood, updated members' personal best scores and Roll of Honour.

15th October 2008

Further explanatory updates to new competition structure.

9th September 2008

Added expanded biography of Ted Blake in History section.

22nd August 2008

Updated competition routines page with competition log book pages.

27th July 2008

Updated tariff calculator with latest BG grading routines.

25th July 2008

Updated personal best scores page with new competition grades for upcoming season and updated welfare related topics.

23rd July 2008

Added 2009 competition dates.  Added national finals results and updated personal best scores & Jack Petchey pages.

23rd June 2008

Added recent competition results - Perth gala weekend and Harlow grading, also updated roll of honour, personal best scores & Jack Petchey pages.

16th May 2008

Updated Jack Petchey winners, roll of honour and added results from Odense.  Added material about the influence on trampolining of Ted Blake.

12th May 2008

Added competition results from Birmingham Gala and updated personal best scores.

9th May 2008

Added press release reporting on visit by Cllr Frank Kenny, Mayor of Brentwood.

21st April 2008

Added results from Cardiff Gala weekend - also updated personal best scores.

8th April 2008

Added results from Hull Gala weekend and Ipswich Open - also updated personal best scores.

29th March 2008

Added results from Brentwood Grading and updated personal best scores.  Also added latest Jack Petchey winner details.

3rd March 2008

Added report and updated personal best scores following Bournemouth Gala Weekend.

1st March 2008

Added in BBC Essex editorial and broadcast here.

15th February 2008

Added in competition report and press release for Eastleigh Gala.  Also updated personal best scores.

5th February 2008

Added in new routines for October 2008 and updated list of coaches working in the club.

25th January 2008

Added new technical section on basic skills to support school-learning activities.  Also added a section about competition organisation and judging.

16th January 2008

Added Press Release following Letchworth grading.

15th January 2008

Loaded Letchworth grading results here and updated members' personal best scores.

15th December 2007

Updated competition routines with changes of qualifying score and minor routine changes for 2008 season.  Loaded new competition handbook for 2008 for download here.

6th December 2007

Added competition reports for Grade 2 & Synchro Finals and Schools Regional championships.

4th December 2007

Updated Roll of Honour & Jack Petchey pages

19th November 2007

Added Press Report following World Age Groups Championships in Quebec and Essex Sports Awards

5th November 2007

Added in Jack Kelly's latest article about "progressive practices" and Press Release about GymMark presentation.

30th October 2007

Added Perth & Cardiff grade 2 results, updated members' personal best scores

11th October 2007

Added Ipswich Grading results, updated members' personal best scores, added July & August Jack Petchey winners.

24th September 2007

Added results of 8th Brentwood Open and updated members' personal best scores.

21st September 2007

Added Press Release for Chingford papers reporting on Scott Gregory.

Added new page on GymMark following the club's accreditation today.

20th September 2007

Updated page describing Newton's Laws.

12th September 2007

Added in holding page for Kladno, Friendship cup and 8th Brentwood Open with latest details of comp times etc...

6th September 2007

Added report on 3-nations youth match and latest Jack Kelly article addressing arms during landing phase and breathing.

26th July 2007

Added press release about Grade 1 national finals and international representation.

21st July 2007

Updated synopsis on new competition structure with recent announcements.

20th July 2007

Updated results/report on National Finals and also added in video links for Stephen Page and Scott Gregory's voluntary routines.

5th July 2007

Updated with June winner of Jack Petchey award.

3rd July 2007

Added latest Back-to-basics article by Jack Kelly addressing linking of Back and Front Somersaults and details of the new competition structure launching in October 2008.

19th June 2007

Added in details of Grade 1 and Grade 3-5 June competitions.  Also updated competitors personal best scores.

13th June 2007

Added in details about Brentwood Academy Club.

12th June 2007

Updated with May winner of Jack Petchey award.

28th May 2007

Updated with first winner of Jack Petchey award and press release.

22nd May 2007

Updated grade 1 & 2 competition results and made some navigation changes to news items.

9th May 2007

New members' offers available.

7th May 2007

Updated a range of pages including those related to club policies & procedures and, in technical area, deductions.

29th April 2007

Jack Kelly's latest article from GymNews added and also notes for PE GCSE teachers/students needing to know more about trampoline routines.

26th April 2007

Added in competition report (but not yet detailed results) from Cardiff Grade 1

21st April 2007

Added in download of all results from Brentwood Grading.

2nd April 2007

Updated Brentwood Grading page with members' results and also updated personal best scores for competitors and 2007 Roll of Honour.

26th March 2007

Results of Grade 1 in Birmingham added and start times for members at Brentwood Grading on 1st April.

21st March 2007

Updated links with link to ECGA website and changed seasonal icon and home page quote.

13th March 2007

Results of Ipswich Open and Eastleigh Grade 1 added in and Competitors Personal Best scores updated.

7th March 2007

Added in new offer for Florida holidays and details of members start times and venue for the Ipswich Open.

27th February 2007

New pages added addressing national technical priorities, spotting, double bouncing and knee landings.

24th February 2007

Reorganised navigation of site to facilitate our GymMark project and the likely need to publish more material online for members.  All links should continue to work though - if for any reason yours does not then please let our webmaster know.

23rd February 2007

Added in Jack Kelly's latest article addressing Fitness Training.

19th February 2007

Schools National Finals results added in headline pending details, also discounted insurance shopping link.

9th February 2007

Added in a NewsLine page for communications with members.  Also updated Press releases with Gazette editorial from January.

2nd February 2007

Updated tariff maxima in Tariff Calculator page.

25th January 2007

Added new child protection page.

23rd January 2007

Added in results from Hitchin Grading on 21st January, updated personal best table as appropriate, updated grade 3-5 maximum tariff & qualifying scores for 2007 and updated competition diary with some provisional competition dates.

13th December 2006

Updated 2007 competition dates and added in summary results from regional schools.

4th December 2006

Added additional 2007 competition dates including scheduled grade 1 & grade 2 competitions we are most likely to be attending.

20th November 2006

Added Jack Kelly's latest article from Gymcraft addressing the matter of bed-initiated vs. aerial twist.

9th November 2006

Added in newspaper article about a circus dwarf falling off a trampoline into a hippo's mouth.  Check it out in the safety section.

7th November 2006

Updated Brentwood Open page with results and a club report, also link to photographs.  Removed preliminary information.  Updated competitors' personal best scores.

28th October 2006

Added in page for the Brentwood Open - being used to provide early release of competition details, will be used for results in due course.

11th October 2006

Press release added about Scott Gregory's youth match and also his own story of the competition.

9th October 2006

Results from GB vs Germany youth match and Ipswich grading competition.  Also changes to Roll of Honour and members PBs.

Updated shopping page with new discount card details.

15th September 2006

Results from 34th International Friendship Cup in Kladno near Prague

19th August 2006

Added Jack Kelly's latest article on Time Management.

18th August 2006

Added press release for lottery award and amended Sunday pay-and-bounce dates.

27th July 2006

Added press releases for the grade 1 finals our inflatable fun evening and a report on London Youth Games.

25th July 2006

National Finals results added (and personal best scores updated) - PR to follow.

Pictures from fund raising fun day added.

Editorials from Yellow Advertiser and Essex Life & Countryside added.

16th July 2006

Embedded Google calendar into About Us section

22nd June 2006

Redeveloped the Shopping pages introducing new offers & benefits for members.

20th June 2006

Updated competition results, personal best scores and Roll of Honour.  Added in Jack Kelly's latest article addressing performers twisting in different directions.

14th June 2006

Enhanced 'benefits of trampolining' section and removed temporary time change material.

25th May 2006

Added in Harrow Grade 1 results, Google translation facility and Sunday session dates until December.

5th May 2006

Updated competition results and added in Shopping Links.

3rd May 2006

Updated Safety section to reflect new Supertramp voucher scheme for those buying 'backyard' trampolines.

24th April 2006

Updated new qualification scores for Grade 5 to 3 qualification which apply retrospectively to all 2006 competitions.

Added Jack Kelly's latest 'back to basics' article addressing new FIG judging.

9th April 2006

Updated new qualification scores for Grade 1 and Grade 2 validation.  These changes appear to apply retrospectively to those grade 1 comps already run this year.

7th April 2006

Added additional routines to tariff calculator.

Added some more press releases from archive.

4th April 2006

Added in routine tariff calculator in technical resources section.

Added Press release section and latest Press Release

29th March 2006

This is a complete re-launch of the site which is now produced using Microsoft Frontpage 2003.  The content has been reorganised into three main themed areas:

27th March 2006

Uploaded results and pictures from Eastern Division 3-5 grading competition we hosted, removed programme no longer required.

19th March 2006

Programme for the Eastern Division Grading competition on 26th March uploaded for download.

13th March 2006

Introduced a section for pictures from Hannah Davies, our British & Welsh International, who is currently on her gap-break in Australia.