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Jack Kelly's back to basics articles

Jack Kelly has caused a renaissance in British trampolining with his refreshing approach to developing skills through rigorous attention to form and development steps.  Before taking up his role with BG he had spent many sessions at our club and we have taken on board his approach as the foundation stone of our own coaching practices.

The 28 articles in the series were first published in BG's GymCraft magazine, and have been reproduced here with the kind permission of Jack who retains the copyright.  They address many fundamental building blocks starting with Article 1 addressing Take off - simply click on the links below to access individual articles of to follow the series through.

Since the demise of the GymCraft magazine there have been no more articles produced for some time although it is to be hoped that either Jack will bring these all together with other insights and inspiration in a published form, or that BG will find an online method of continuing the series.  If you want to read the articles in the order in which they were published then simply follow the 'Next article' link at the bottom of each page.