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Trampolining is not inherently a dangerous sport providing safety guidelines are followed and coaches instructions obeyed.  Members might be concerned by American accident statistics that suggest a high accident rate associated with trampolines - it should be noted that the vast majority of these appear to occur on unsupervised 'back-yard' trampolines by those who have had no formal coaching or safety supervision.  We were pleased to note that in June 2009 BG issued a guidance document on use of garden trampolines which can be downloaded from here.  Their strongest recommendation is to ensure that before considering buying one, get some proper training in how to trampoline!

At least one major UK supplier of garden trampolines has taken a similar view that training is essential and offers two free lessons (not really enough but a start) with every garden trampoline they supply; Brentwood Trampoline Club are pleased to be a participating club in this initiative.  More details are available on the Supertramp website

The club's coaches will do everything they can reasonably do to ensure a safe environment but it is also down to the members (and in some cases their parents) to play their part - specifically the following spring to mind immediately although other points may be made in future:

More information is also available in the British Gymnastics Trampoline Code of Practice.

An amusing take on this serious subject using Homer Simpson as a less than ideal example of a safety conscious trampolinist is available here.

Further Reference

A couple of interesting articles on the subject are available on the Internet - try: