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Club Complaints & Grievance Procedure


Brentwood Trampoline Club takes seriously its responsibilities towards members and visitors in ensuring that it provides a safe and equitable environment for all. It adopts transparent policies that are developed in line with British Gymnastics guidelines and welcomes constructive interaction with members and others. Notwithstanding this it recognises that on occasions individuals may wish to register a complaint or grievance and, in such cases, it will follow this procedure.


It is club policy that this procedure will be adopted in a manner so as to make those wishing to register a complaint or grievance to feel they may do so safe in the knowledge it will be dealt with fairly and that they should feel free to raise their concerns without fear of victimisation or reprisal.

It is further considered to be appropriate that wherever possible such matters should be dealt with amicably within the club itself, preferably bilaterally between the aggrieved party and the person believed by them to be the cause of the issue or concern. It accepts that in some circumstances this may be considered to be inappropriate in which case the matter may be referred to another party within the club.

Although club members are asked to follow this policy BG members are always free to pursue a complaint directly through the BG processes should they consider it appropriate to do so.


Rather than allowing an issue or concern to fester it is strongly advised that any person suffering a grievance should raise it promptly as soon as the issue manifests itself. It is anticipated that the following stages be followed in sequence although it is understood that in some circumstances the first stage may be omitted where the aggrieved party considers it to be inappropriate or potentially inflammatory.

Stage 1 - Informal review

This stage applies only to grievances against club officials; under no circumstances ought members air grievances with or against other members other than directly with club officials.

As soon as an aggrieved party is clear about their concerns they ought, wherever reasonably possible, approach the club official they believe to be the principle source of the grievance for an informal discussion. Such discussions must not be held in open forum or, if involving a coach, during training times if there is any reason to consider that discussion might become prolonged or disruptive.

All club officials are charged with making themselves available to listen to such concerns objectively and, where the concerns are legitimate and appear to be in breach of club policy, to remedy the issue as soon as is reasonably practicable. Should the concern not be considered legitimate for good reason and such reasons are clearly stated to the aggrieved party who accepts the explanation then no further action is required.

In the event the parties are unable to reach such an agreement the procedure will proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 - Formal review

Any formal grievance must be submitted in writing to the club’s management committee for the attention of either the:

All such complaints will be registered by the Club Secretary and become a matter of record (subject to appropriate confidentiality being maintained). Upon receipt of a written grievance the recipient (Responder) will:

Stage 3 – Escalation or Appeal

Appeals will be made in writing to the Chairman or, should it be a welfare matter, to the Regional Welfare Officer. Such appeals must include the original grievance, the documented response and clear justifications for the basis of the appeal explaining why the outcome was flawed.

Appeals made to the Regional Welfare Officer will be pursued in accordance with BG policies and procedures. Appeals made to the Chairman become a matter of club record (subject to appropriate confidentiality being maintained) and will be acknowledged within 5 days of receipt. Such appeals made the Chairman will be submitted on the basis that the outcome will be binding on all parties; should appellants not wish to be bound by this they may pursue the BG grievance procedure directly.

Upon receipt of an appeal the Chairman will: