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Jack PetcheyJack Petchey Awards

We are proud that the club has been admitted to the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme which is intended to recognize the efforts and achievements of our members.  Each month members will be asked to nominate another member (aged between 11-25) who has exemplified, for them, the characteristics of somebody who, to quote the scheme's booklet, "does not need to be the cleverest, the fastest or the best looking! But they need to be exceptionally hard working or have done something really positive for other people"

In recognizing that some of our younger members also contribute to the club we have also recently introduced a Junior Jumpers award to run alongside the Jack Petchey scheme for those too young to participate.  Once Junior Jumper winners become old enough they will become eligible for the Jack Petchey awards but in the meantime the scheme will operate on the same basis with previous winners no longer being eligible.

You can follow the Jack Petchey Foundation on Twitter and Facebook.  If you wish to nominate somebody please look for nomination box and forms which will be placed by the cupboard door when nominations are open.

As awards are given they will be recorded here.

Month   Winner Nominated for:
April 2013   Jaya Watson  
April 2013
Junior Jumper
March 2013   Tegan Roycroft  
March 2013
Junior Jumper
  Millie Gibbins   
February 2013   Zara Phillips  
February 2013
Junior Jumper
  Holly Watson    
January 2013   Monica Dowling  
January 2013
Junior Jumper
  Mia Gray   
November 2012   Alissa Gray For determination. For smiling at all times. For working well. For being very friendly.  For helping out when ever and where ever.  For putting in lots of effort. For working hard.
November 2012
Junior Jumper
  Madalyne Allkins For working very hard to improve and for always smiling.
October 2012   Emma Heptinstall For bring friendly, kind and helpful. For making improvements resulting in 2nd place at the regional G grading.
October 2012
Junior Jumper
  Lucy Bevan For always working very hard
September 2012   Sarah Cravitz For working hard and helping out. For helping others. For being a keen volunteer. For being persistent in trampoline development.
September 2012
Junior Jumper
  Ramiyah Kendall For always trying.  For working very hard.  For making good progress.  For being kind and helpful
June 2012
Junior Jumper
Sophie receiving JJ award from Stuart Sophie Tyrrell She is a hard worker, she is always working hard, a willing helper and a hard worker, kind and helpful.
May 2012 Katie receiving JP from Stuart Katie Cremer She works hard, gives her absolute best in training and is extremely neat  and tidy whilst on the trampoline.  Always a very willing helper, and hard paying off.  Good work in training.
May 2012
Junior Jumper
Ellie receiving JJ from Stuart Ellie Marshall She worked very hard to raise LOTS of sponsorship for the Jubilee jump. She is good. She works well.
April 2012 Amy receiving JP from Vanessa  Amy Richardson Cheerful, hard-working, willing to rise to challenges and getting very close to qualifying in last grading.
April 2012
Junior Jumper
Kendra, JJ winner April  Kendra Sherlock Hard work showing in results, good fun to be around.
March 2012 Faith receiving JP from Dave  Faith Everett Hard work, excellent bouncing skills, rate of improvement and competitive success.
March 2012
Junior Jumper
Maddie getting Junior Jumper award from Dave  Maddison Merritt Very friendly, helpful with 'little ones' on Saturdays, competitive success and hard work
February 2012 Livi getting Jack Petchey from Vanessa Olivia Watson For being kind and making training fun for others.  For being helpful to the younger ones.  For hard work and determination resulting in great progress through the gradings.
January 2012 Georgie getting Jack Petchey from Vanessa Georgia Tyrrell For consistently working very hard.  As a result she has made great progress in the last year only missing qualifying for national competition by 0.1 point.  Also for kindness and being helpful.
November 2011 Sarah Thompson receiving JP from Stuart Kellly  Sarah Thompson Always trying her best in training and in competition, helping to set up and tidy away, good back somersaults, being good at trampolining, working very hard since changing group, always smiling, keeping at it and being friendly.
October 2011 Jonathan Gibbs receiving JP from Celia  Jonathan Gibbs Working hard, doing well in competition, throwing all his effort into competition, always being determined to try new moves, consistently working.
September 2011 Lucy Phillips receiving JP from Stuart Kelly  Lucy Phillips Hard and consistent work, settling down in her group, making training fun, learning new moves, being friendly, being good at trampolining & improving quickly.
June 2011 Ainslie Pplews receiving Jack petchey from Olive Law Ainslie Plews For being friendly; for an excellent attitude towards training resulting in competition success.
May 2011 Gemma Pratt receiving JP from Celia Gemma Pratt For great effort and commitment to training; for willingness to try new things, and for encouraging others.
April 2011 Nicola Miller presented JP by Marie Nicola Miller Nicola has swiftly become a willing cover coach travelling from Leyton or work in London at short notice to help out.  She was also very successful in her first grading gaining promotion to F.
March 2011 Joe Harris receiving JP from Celia Joe Harris For hard work in training and success in competition.
February 2011 Vicky receiving JP from Celia Victoria Patterson For doing her best in training and working hard; for a positive attitude, encouraging others, overcoming fears and subsequently increasing in confidence.
January 2011 Becky Tompkinson receiving JP from Marie Becky Tompkinson For always being positive at competitions and cheering everyone up.  For putting in a great deal of effort at training and for encouraging others.
November 2010 Laura Studd receiving Jack Petchey from Phil Gibbs  Laura Studd Cheerful helper, willing to help coach during training sessions to benefit of her training mates, a positive contribution to the social environment. 
October 2010 Alex bartkowiak receiving Jack Petchey from Marie Merritt  Alexandra Bartkowiak

Excellent performance at Norwich Grading as a result of dedication to training and a passion to do well, leading to a significant improvement over the past few months.

September 2010 Kensie Sherlock receiving Jack Petchey from Tracy Osman Kensie Sherlock

Determination and hard work to get back to competing at national level.

June 2010 Natalie Shade receiving JP award from committee member, Marie Merritt Natalie Shade Consistent high demands on herself in training and, ultimately, recognition in competition.
May 2010 Vanessa Lewis receiving JP award from Steve Page Vanessa Lewis Commitment to coaching in the club and willingness to help out whenever possible.
April 2010 Lauren Marchant receiving JP award from Paul Kitchen Lauren Marchant Competitive performance.
March 2010 Emma Brereton receiving JP award from Steve Page Emma Brereton Commitment to training through injury and for support for others.
February 2010 Lauren Michaels receiving JP award from Phil Gibbs, Club Secretary Lauren Michaels Dedication to hard work during training and resulting competitive success.
January 2010 Joshua Newman receiving JP award from Hannah McCann Joshua Newman Competitive success.
Leader 2009   Steven Nicholls  
November 2009 Susanna Badley receiving Jack Petchey from Steven Nicholls Susanna Badley Has shown dedication to training and a passion to do well, leading to a significant improvement over the past few months.
October 2009 Isla Wendelken receiving Jack Petchey from Steven Nicholls  Isla Wendelken Always cheerful, willing to help both during and after sessions and, despite regular bouts of illness, determined to improve her skills.
September 2009 Annalie Collins receiving Jack Petchey from Jack Kelly  Annalie Collins Annalie has been a quiet and diligent worker in training sessions, just quietly going about her business of learning.  Then in September she entered her first competition, coped admirably with first being entered into the wrong group and then high-scored above several more experienced club-mates.
June 2009  Fiona Humphries receiving her award from Scott Gregory  Fiona Humphries  Hard work in training coupled with recent competitive success. 
May 2009 Victoria Webb geting her certificate from 'Big Sis' Victoria Webb  Overcoming personal demons, training hard and winning through with qualifying scores in latest grading competition.
April 2009 Charlotte Webb being presented with Jack Petchey award 
Charlotte Webb For having significant competitive success both in the G Cordery Appeal Open and National Grading competition.
March 2009 Kallum Sherlock receiving his Jack Petchey award 
Kallum Sherlock For significant improvement in training.
February 2009 Georgie Harris receiving her Jack Petchey award
Georgie Harris For substantial effort in training.
January 2009
Rebecca Martin For the recent marked improvement in her training commitment and performance.
Leader 2008   Dave Kingaby  
December 2008
Alice Gibbs  For hard work in both training and setting up.
November 2008
Rosalyne Harris  For pure determination in achieving as much as she has so far.
October 2008
Jamie Perry For good & improving results in recent competition and hard work in training.
September 2008
Joseph Dulieu-Hasler For good & improving results in recent competition and hard work in training.
August 2008
Daniel Frost For good & improving results in recent competition and hard work in training.
July 2008
Georgia Walker For good & improving results in recent competition and hard work in training.
June 2008
Altay Erol Consistency of form and good results in London Youth Games contributing towards team win.
May 2008
Chrissie Law One of our hardest working young performers, Chrissie has excelled in proving herself at Grade 2 and qualifying convincingly to the National Finals.
April 2008
Sophie Banks Sophie is recognised as much for her hard work as an Assistant Coach and commitment to the club as for her own trampolining which is better than she often gives herself credit for!
March 2008
Charlotte Hussey Charlie works hard and often through frustration when it isn't quite going right.  Although only training once a week, she is a regular and improving performer with some good recent results.
February 2008
Abbie-Jo Goldsmith Abbie-Jo has worked incredibly hard, consistently, for many months now and this dedication was reflected in her nomination for February.
January 2008
Catherine Zalicks 'Cat' was nominated for her performance as an Assistant Coach.  Despite having spent less time trampolining than many of our other young coaches, she has adapted to the role of coach admirably.
Leader 2007   Paul Kitchen  
December 2007
Natasha Holme Natasha was nominated because of her performance at the regional schools competition; this result has come after a prolonged period of hard work and personal development.
November 2007
Hannah McCann Hannah McCann has been one of our fastest improving performers - having started trampolining only in September 2006 she has achieved great success recently with a finals place in the Grade 2 National finals and winning the regional schools competition.
October 2007
Eleanor Clarke Ellie Clarke was nominated because of her permanently cheerful manner, enthusiasm for trampolining, concern for others and sheer determination.
September 2007
Lauren Wylie All round contribution to our 8th Brentwood Open.  Helping serve refreshments all morning and then going on to perform excellently with new personal best scores and a podium finish.
August 2007
Scott Gregory Outstanding performance representing GB in the International Youth Match against Canada & Germany, beating not only most of them but also all of the British lads who had beaten him at national finals.
July 2007
Stephen Page Outstanding performance at National Finals in July producing 3rd place and selection for GB team.
June 2007
Elizabeth Nicholls Sheer determination in training whilst recovering from injury culminating in excellent results at a recent competition in Harlow.
May 2007
Mark Hardiman Consistently trying hard. always willing to help and 'not disappearing for ages'.
April 2007 Sarah Daly Hard working, attentive spotter and always willing to help out.

For more information about the Jack Petchey Foundation please click here.