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Buy stuff and help the club

For those of you who intend buying online it is possible to do so at leading on-line retailers and give our club some income without having to pay a penny more yourselves.  Some local shops also help the club raise funds. The following shops/websites automatically provide benefit to Brentwood Trampoline Club and/or its members if you access them as shown below:

Club Clothing

A wide range of branded clothing and accessories are available through the club as well as club leotards.  These are administered by our fundraising team who can be contacted by email on [email protected].

Members' offers

If you want to offer a special deal to our members then please contact the webmaster to advertise here.  Current offers include:

Brentwod School Sports Centre - swimming

Brentwood School Sports Centre

The Brentwood School Sports Centre has generously offered the parents/family of BTC members a very good discount on gym / swim membership.

If you want to benefit from this approx 24% reduction and the complete waiving of joining fees (net costs £35 per month gym and pool or £26.50 for gym or pool) you simply need to speak to Reception and ask for the 'Brentwood Trampoline Club Corporate Rate'.  They will then know how to process your application.

Spend & Raise

Spend And Raise - Brentwood Trampoline Club

This used to be the webshop and still provides links to literally 100's of online retailers (including most of the market leaders you will already be shopping with in any event) offering great goods at good prices.  Every purchase made linking through the webshop will ensure commission payment is made to Brentwood Trampoline Club.


Brentwood Trampoline Club believes that as a general rule garden trampolines in the hands of the untrained users can be dangerous.  We were therefore delighted when SuperTramp decided to provide vouchers for two free trampoline lessons with all new purchases.  Brentwood Trampoline Club is able to accept these vouchers in exchange for lessons at our Pay-and-Bounce sessions.

Online Insurance Quotes

Home insurance from eHome Insurance
Car insurance from eCar Insurance

eGroup provide online insurance for Car, Bike, Van and Home and will pay Brentwood Trampoline Club a commission of at least £10 for every policy taken out.  It costs nothing to ask for a quote and you might just save money for yourselves whilst making money for us!  Click on the banners to get a quote.