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Over-16 sessions

Designed both for keen competitive bouncers as well as those who are simply looking for an aerobic recreational outlet with lots of health advantages or, indeed, to learn aerial skills for another sport, these operate alongside the 2nd session every Tuesday evening (7:15 - 8:45) and our weekend 'PAYG' sessions normally at 2pm on Saturdays.  Ideally suited also to those parents who wonder why their kids rave about trampolining and need to find out for themselves.  We cater for all levels in this group which will regularly see complete beginners mixing in with already accomplished competitors.

The sessions operate on a pay-as-you-go basis with the charge being £9.50 for the 90-minute sessions.  After 2 attendances we do offer the opportunity to take out BG membership to be taken up for insurance reasons, these rates typically change annually but full details can be found here.  If you do not opt for BG membership a reduced rate of insurance is applied using BG's new Block Registration Scheme - you should be aware that in the event of an incident this insurance pays out much less.  Full details of both categories of insurance are available at

The following sessions are booked at this time:

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