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Tariff calculator

Enter your routine details and you'll be provided with your tariff instantaneously. Alternatively, pick one of the predefined routines using the drop-down list at the top of the form, these include (the new) standard BG routines and others from University, old BTF and Australian sources. The selections are 'intelligent', so you must start upright, take off from the previous landing position and finish upright.

When you pick a routine to use as a starter to build your own voluntary a 'maximum move tariff' is set to reduce the number of choices in the menus to those consistent with the level of the original routine. To see bigger moves, pick a higher grade or the 'custom' option.

Club members - if you want your favourite voluntary routine loaded on here let me (Dave) know.


Please select any routine to start





Thanks to Barry Wardell at UCD Trampoline Club for the original code for this tool.  We hope you find it useful.