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Our popular 'Pay-N-Bounce' sessions (see below for upcoming dates) serve four needs:

Who should attend?

These sessions do not have an upper age limit and although most attending them tend to be younger we have seen some as old as 50 attend in the past and go on to become active in the sport.  Many of our adult members also regularly compete.  We do accept a limited number of pre-school children at these sessions if they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Costs & insurance

The sessions operate on a pay-as-you-go basis with the charge being £8.50 for the 90-minute sessions.  After 2 attendances we do offer the opportunity to take out BG membership to be taken up for insurance reasons, these rates typically change annually but full details can be found on our website's membership charges page.  If you do not opt for BG membership a reduced rate of insurance is applied using BG's new Block Registration Scheme - you should be aware that in the event of an incident this insurance pays out much less.  Full details of both categories of insurance are available at


Please note, since these sessions operate on a pay-as-you-bounce basis we can not anticipate how many will turn up at any one session. We will always try to accommodate everybody but can not guarantee to do so. As a rule of thumb we will not wish to run more than 5 to a trampoline (although we do have plenty of those) or 10 to a coach.

Upcoming sessions

We try to run these sessions as often as we can on Thursday evenings (over-16's) and Saturdays (under & over-16 sessions).  The sessions can be found on our online Google calendar as shown on our main calendar page with the PAYG sessions only also shown below:

Make a note in your diary but please do also check back here before coming to check the session has not been changed.  Although we do use all reasonable endeavours to ensure these sessions run as advertised the coaches do sometimes have to rearrange, or the centre has on occasions cancelled a session.

Alternatively, all upcoming session dates & times can be found on our online calendar.