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Club leotards modelled by Thea and JoeCompetition Leotards

For those that have not seen the new leotards they can be seen in this picture being modelled by Thea and Joe; all competitors at Grade G and higher are expected to wear the club leotard at competitions.

These leotards will be manufactured locally by Star Leotards and will be made to order; prices are:

Boys will also need 'whites' with toe-loops; Milano stirrup pants cost as follows sizes 26” – 32” £21, and 34”+ £23.  We are in discussion with Star leotards about also making these for members.

If you want to obtain a club leotard please contact Star Leotards directly to arrange a fitting and to place an order – please note that the sizes are nominal sizes only and all leotards will be made to order only after a fitting so please do allow time for your orders to be fulfilled.  Star Leotards can be contacted either by email or telephone, or visit their website as follows:

Training leotards, trampoline socks & shoes

Training leotards can be purchased from a wide range of suppliers including Star Leotards who regularly attend our home competitions.  If you are after specialist socks or shoes then Dancemania carry a good range and offer a 'no hassle returns' policy with competitive prices.