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All about Brentwood Trampoline

These pages will tell you a bit about the who, what, where and when of the club including details of session times, rates, organisation structure and how to find us.

Club Profile

Brentwood Trampoline Club was founded in the 1980's and prides itself in striving for:

The clubs intent is to cater for all categories of bouncer although with a clear bias towards those wishing to compete and 'go as far as they are able'. For some members this might be only as far as grade D whilst others will look to strive for national or international recognition. All will be supported in their goals by their coaches. The club is 'owned' by the members whose assets include 8 trampolines (all Eurotramp with a mixture of 4mm x 4mm, 5mm x 4mm & 6mm x 4mm beds), and a large range of safety equipment which is deployed at every session for the benefit of the members. 

The club trains exclusively in the Courage Hall at Brentwood School Sports Centre and is not directly associated with any other club or facility in the Brentwood area.  As well as being our trampoline centre, many other activities are available in the Brentwood School Sports Centre.

Club Organisation

Whilst the club is owned by the members an executive committee (of members or their parents) provides administrative and executive support to the operational activities which are the sole responsibility of the coaching staff.  The committee is elected annually at the clubs AGM apart from coaches & welfare officers who are de facto committee members.

As a club we depend heavily on the support of our volunteers without whom the club would have extreme difficulty operating.  If you would like to offer your support to the club please approach any of the coaches or committee who would be pleased to let you know what opportunities exist including for example:

Even if you have never bounced yourself we will be able to find a fulfilling role for you.

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