Dress Policy

Club Dress Policy

Our dress policy exists for the comfort and safety of all.

Training Wear

Suitable sports clothing

All participants (performers, coaches and spotters) should wear suitable sports clothing such as leotard, tracksuit, joggers, tee-shirts etc. both on and off the trampoline. 

  • Socks or trampoline shoes are essential on the trampoline. 
  • No excessively loose or ill-fitting clothing. 
  • No jeans, buckles, prominent zips and buttons etc
  • Clothing should not be immodest nor distracting
  • Tie long hair back in order to avoid it flying into the face. 
  • No glitter sprays nor other glitter substances.
  • Trim long nails to a safe length
  • Participants should wear suitable sports shoes such as trainers or plimsolls; they should not wear ‘fashion’ items such as Ugg boots or slip-on shoes (including during the warm-up period).

We encourage beginners to wear long sleeves and have legs covered (leggings or tracksuit bottoms) to avoid grazed elbows and knees.

Competition wear

Club leotards comply with club dress policy

In addition to training wear requirements, competitors at Regional Grades should wear club leotards; they may wear a leotard in club colours (blue & white) if a club one is not available. We encourage Club Grade competitors to wear a leotard at competitions but official rules are more lenient at this level.  Underwear should not show. BG has a sensitive but quite detailed Competition Attire Policy if you would like more information.

Read more about the club leotards here.

Jewellery & body piercings

Gymnasts should remove all jewellery for training and competition and preferably leave it at home to avoid the risk of loss. Gymnasts should also remove all body piercings, even if under the leotard, for comfort and safety.  You must cover jewellery or piercings, that cannot be removed at competitions, with skin coloured tape. Read BG’s detailed Jewellery and Piercings Policy to find out more.

Judges apply these rules at competitions and can deduct penalty points from gymnasts who fail to comply.

This also applies to spotters and coaches with externally visible jewellery who should also be in suitable sports clothing.