Routine Builder

In our old website we used an old Routine Builder script that was quite complex to maintain although it did provide some nice functionality (such as allowing a number of ‘standard’ routines to be viewed), you can still access this at:

… although it is no longer maintained or updated.

As an alternative, we have constructed a simpler Excel spreadsheet (which you can also open in Google Sheets or Open Office). It works best as a Google Sheet because as you start typing the move the available options reduce. This contrasts with Excel where you have to scroll through the entire list to select your move. You can download the Excel version from below:

It’s relatively simple to use:

  1. Use the dropdown to select each skill,
  2. As you select it the FIG and Tariff boxes will populate,
  3. The Rpt? column will also turn Red or Green, Green meaning the FIG notation is unique and Red that the FIG notation is repeated elsewhere in the routine and merits checking that it isn’t a repeat move.

If you do find any errors, or would welcome additions, please do let the webmaster know (he isn’t a FIG expert & is fully expecting to be put right).