Coaching Structure

Coaching Structure

Our prime purpose as a club is coaching successful trampoline competitors up to national level and beyond. We also have a strong recreational section; this suits those who don’t wish to compete but want to enjoy trampolining in a safe, motivating and fun environment. 
Gymnasts work with coaches who are qualified for their current skills and able to help them progress. 


We informally assess new members as they join us; this is to find out whether they are ready to pursue a competitive route or if an alternate pathway is more suited to them.  Gymnasts can follow the BG Award Scheme route if they are not yet ready, or willing, to compete.


An experienced coach, with successful experience at a National level, will supervise most sessions. The supervising coach will also have other coaches working alongside:

  • Helper Coaches – either very experienced gymnasts, or those who have attended a BG Award or Helper Course. As well as coaching rudimentary skills, they can also help gymnasts consolidate skills already coached by a more senior coach.
  • Level 1 Assistant Coaches – the first level qualified to coach the beginning of somersaults such as ‘turnovers’. They can also help consolidate more difficult skills taught by more senior coaches.
  • Level 2 Coaches – this is the first level of coach qualified to coach ‘feet to feet’ somersaults and to supervise a whole training session.

We try to ensure that no coach is responsible for coaching more than 6 gymnasts across 2 trampolines at any one time.