Competition Structures

Many Different Structures

There are several distinct competition structures:

  • British Gymnastics Official Structure – this provides opportunities for competition for all levels from novice to national level competitors,
  • English Championships – only the most advanced gymnasts in each age group are likely to be able to compete in these competitions.
  • National League – this provides for those able to compete multi-somersault routines against others from across the UK,
  • Open competitions. Clubs organise these and normally adopt the regional levels of the BG structure. Clubs are free to use alternative routines if they would like.

British Gymnastics Structure

Competitors can only compete in one of these 3 pathways in any one season. They can transfer either up or down between seasons according to their level of performance.

Gymnasts can progress between levels without qualification. Coaches should ensure they select the most appropriate level for their gymnasts.

English League

English Gymnastics organise these events. No details for 2022 events are available at present although dates are on the club calendar.

National League

In their words:

Operating as a non-profit organisation and run by our unstoppable team of volunteers from across the UK clubs, the League concept was set up in 2014 to provide extra events which run in-line with the British Gymnastics NDP competition system and continue to raise the bar for British trampolining and DMT.

We provide additional competition experience and a stage to perform new moves and routines. With fun, ambition and competitive spirit at the heart of our mission, the League Series has boomed. The buzzing competition environment is for everyone from grassroots through to the elite level. The Trampoline & DMT League brings the extreme spectacle of the sport into spotlight.