Fees & Insurance

Session, membership and insurance charges

Session rates

All session charges are based on a rate of £8.50 for a 90-minute session and this is the rate applied to all Pay-As-You-Go and ad hoc sessions.  £8.50 is the rate applied to all Pay-As-You-Go and ad hoc sessions.  Pre-booked and pre-paid sessions benefit from a discount scheme available to those willing to pay by monthly* direct debit as follows:

Member type Sessions/
Discount 2018/19 Rate
Recreational 1 5% £35.40
Bronze 2 10% £64.30
Silver 3 15% £89.80
Gold 4 20% £111.90
Platinum 5 25% £130.60

* NOTE: In calculating an average month we have taken into account the number of times sessions are unable to run for predictable reasons such as bank holidays, school activities etc… (typically 4 per year) and then divided the annual costs, which include annual club & ECGA membership, by 12.  Should there be a material difference, members may ask for either a rebate or an opportunity to make up the missed sessions over holidays etc… when we regularly have spaces.

Those unable or unwilling to pay in advance, or attending only on a pay-as-you-go basis (e.g. adult sessions), will continue to pay the full £8.50 per session.

The club requires one-month written notice of any pre-paying member’s intention to leave the club.

Membership benefits


As well as the membership benefits from British Gymnastics, Brentwood trampoline Club is keen to identify other benefits of belonging to the club – in particular it has identified a number of Shopping opportunities to either help save money for yourself or help to keep costs down for the club (which helps control fees).  Please check out our Shopping area for more details.

British Gymnastics ‘insurance’ charge

British Gymnastics membership is now in 3 bands, Gold, Silver & Bronze.

  • Gold membership is required for all coaches at or above level 2 and National or Brevet Judges.  As of 1st October 2015 the charge for this level of membership is £76:00
  • Silver membership applies to all members competing in BG National Competitions (including Regional Team Finals).  The charge for this level from 1st October 2015 is £41.00.
  • Bronze membership applies to all other members. This includes regional competitors and club officers involved in day to day activities of the club that require membership. From 1st October 2015 the charge for this level is £17.00 (or £11.00 for under-5s).  Reduced rates apply in the last 17-weeks of the cover year which runs between October to September.

Those who attend only on an ad hoc basis may join BG or be covered under the ‘Block Registration Scheme’.  This scheme offers reduced levels of benefits in case of injury other incident but is funded directly by the club.

In addition to BG, Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association levy an additional annual charge.  This is currently set at £2.50 per member of school age under-18 who is not a coach.

British Gymnastics membership provides a number of benefits to members as shown below.  These rates typically change annually but full details can be found on the BG website here.

Full policy documents and information about the benefits of BG membership can be found on the BG Insurance Website.