Our team

The Team

Trampolining, whilst an individual sport, requires a team approach to be adopted.  For each performer, there is a whole support team in the wings.  This comprises not only coaches but also parents, administrators, helpers and assistants.  Sometimes one person will perform more than one of these roles.  It is generally helpful, though,l to understand the distinct nature of each role.

  • The Gymnasts’ role is to turn up at training sessions and/or competitions with a commitment to do their best on the day;
  • The Coaches’ role is to help each performer achieve their best through developing their skills, attitude and approach to the sport;
  • Parents’ role is to deliver their children to training and/or competitions on-time, in a relaxed frame of mind, equipped in a manner appropriate to the session and then to ensure that they receive appropriate praise for their efforts (see here for more details);
  • Committee & Volunteers’ roles are to support the above.  They do this by administering the environment (operationally and financially) of the club.  They also provide appropriate help and support at competitions and other club activities. As well as the Committee there are Specialist Volunteer roles we can not operate without:
    • Judges
    • Competition Marshalls, Recorders etc…
    • Welfare Officers