Equipment Safety Checklists

Monthly Inspection Checklist

The following checks are to be undertaken within 3 training days of the beginning of every month by either the Senior Coach or, in his absence, his delegated alternate. The undertaking of these checks does not in any way remove the obligation on all coaches to maintain vigilance at all times in considering the fitness for purpose of the equipment particularly whilst equipment is being set-up and taken down.



Loose stitching or breaks in the webbing, tears, uneven tension shown by the lines on the bed not being straight.


Springs/cables are all in place with hooks pointing down.

Leg Braces

Leg braces are fully inserted plus allen screws tight, rivets secure, hinge pins in place.

Frame Pads

Tears, loose or missing clips/fasteners or soft areas at the joints.

Roller Stands

Freely running and swivelling castors, wheels and hooks.

Throw in mats

Tears and other damage.


Wear at the joints and that the frame is level all around.


Chains for security and even adjustment.

Anchor Bars

Excessive wear due to movement.

Overhead Rig

Trampoline Position

Position of the trampoline under the centre of the rig.

Security of Ropes and Attachments

Security of the ropes and attachments and the condition of the elastics and attachments on bungee rings.

Swivels and Pulleys

Unhindered operation.

The Belt

Security of the belt.

٭ All non-urgent actions to be transferred to Club Action Plan for review by committee.

Annual Inspection

All equipment will also be checked annually by a third-party qualified technician.