Competitions take much organisation in order to achieve the organised chaos we see every time.  Although the competitors may seem to be milling around in some random order (and sometimes are), they all have their own place in the structure.  There are numerous officials involved in guiding them through the day towards the awards ceremonies.  These sections address all aspects of this in the following areas:

  • Introduction to competitions – this page will tell you everything about how
    competitions work and how to get the most from them.  Main headings within
    this section are:

    • Introduction
    • Planning
    • Roles
    • Judging (& how to get the best from judges)
  • British Gymnastics’ competition structure – this page will tell you how this relates to national technical priorities, and how coaching practices and development are interlocked into this;
  • Deductions – a table of form points Form Judges use to determine
    a score for each skill.  Also a useful resource for coaches in
    determining how moves ought to look to a judge to achieve optimum marks.