English Champs 1 & Regional Championship

Four members compete in Gold

Gillingham hosted the first of two English Championships Qualifiers last weekend and four Brentwood TC girls jumped in the toughest, Gold category. The standard was very high and Lilia Kearney in the 11-12 age group and Ashleigh Doyle, Georgie Tyrrell and Jennifer Liu in the 17-21 section all did well to finish in the middle of their respective fields.

Lilia’s set routine was pleasing but her new vol presented challenges and she explored parts of the bed that were a bit further from the centre than she hoped. With practice that will improve and it was good to see Lilia compete a half-out.

This was a big step up for Jennifer who will soon represent Hong Kong in a competition in Italy. In Gillingham she produced her highest scoring voluntary routine together with a sound set. During warmup Jennifer overturned a Regional so got up and demonstrated a one and a half twisting back somersault, leaving coach Paul Kitchen bemused as to whether it is even a legal move (it is) let alone one she ought to compete. Nice one Jennifer!

The ever reliable Georgie completed two good routines for our girls’ highest finishing position of 9th after Ashleigh, following a very good set, unfortunately out-bounced to end deck when completing her vol.

Regional Compulsory Finals

Last month saw the region’s compulsory finals competition with places at stake for the East Region’s Team for June’s Regional Team Finals. There were several good performances from Brentwood trampolinists and Barney Saggers, Anna Gray, Katie-Rose Hawtree and Jennifer Liu all won medals and will represent the region at the competition in Birmingham. Jessica Lowrie was another medallist and is a team reserve together with Holly Bailes and Olivia Walker. Congratulations to you all!